What is “Cultivated Meat”?

If you can find many definitions of “clean meat” or “cultivated meat”, here we have adopted the most used one :

“Cultivated Meat is meat that is grown in cell culture, rather than in an animal’s body”

You can find many other names like “lab-grown meat” , “in vitro meat”, “pure meat”, “slaughter-free meat”, “craft meat” or ” cultured meat”. The most important thing to keep in mind is that clean meat comes from animal cells. It is very different from plant-based alternative foods where vegetal elements are used. It’s also different from the insect farming movement where specific insect species are raised to be eaten (entomophagy).

If you want to know a short history of this field and actual challenges, you should read this article on the website of The American Oil Chemists’ Society => https://www.aocs.org/stay-informed/inform-magazine/featured-articles/clean-meat-february-2018

There are many advantages to develop in vitro meat :

  • Sustainability and environmental protection
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety
Illustration of in vitro meat advantages from Meatable

You can find many useful information about the clean meat development in the book of Paul Shapiro, “Clean Meat”. It is a very efficient way to understand the “Why, Who, When” of this sector!

To be informed on recent news and research development, you can go to the website of the “The Good Food Institute” and of course, keep an eye here!

To follow the development of the European project ScaLABle-MEAT, stay connected !