PTT9XJ Nes Ziona, Israel. 08th Aug, 2018. Startup founder Didier Toubia holds a petri dish and a plate with a steak in his hands. The Petri dish contains certain stem cells of a cow from which a steak will be bred in the laboratory in three to four weeks. Didier's startup Aleph Farms wants to have its first products on the market in three years. (to dpa-Story: Laboratory meat from 11.10.2018) Credit: Ilia Yechimovich/dpa/Alamy Live News

For the first time, China’s most recent Five-Year Plan for Agriculture, published in January, includes references to cultivated meat and other synthetic proteins. Specifically, the plan refers to “cell-based meat, synthetic egg cream, functional recombinant protein cultivation” under the heading of “cutting edge and cross integrated technology” in the technology innovation section.

Source: China targets innovation in sustainable protein

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