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Note that FAO and WHO have shown a preference for the term “cell-based food” in their recent report, which is not the position of the majority of the companies in the sector. It seems trivial, but naming products is a very important step to the market. We have seen many “battles” these past months, mainly in the USA, to allow or to ban the use of “meat” for alternative proteins products. This is a critical part of regulations to follow.

Companies continue to grow and Mosa Meat announced the building of his new facility to go to “price parity” for CM. At the same time, Meatable presented a technological improvement to reduce the production time of cultivated pork. At the European level, the CM is now clearly a part of the innovation program in food production. Even if the regulation pathway is not established, we hope to see an increase in research support in next years. It is a mandatory condition to create a strong European economical sector.

In another encouraging trend, women founders in the cellular agriculture industry are making significant strides despite facing multiple barriers to entry. In fact, several top companies creating cultivated products are led by women.


Webinar : Japan, paving Its Way to a Regulatory Environment to Promote the Alternative Protein Industry (June 15, 2023) – May 28, 2023

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Name of the game: Can there be a consensus on how to name meat products grown in a lab? – May 16, 2023

The FAO and WHO preferred to use “cell-based food” term in its recent report​ into the category. It claimed that a literature review conducted elicited […]

Compagnies and key players

Gelatex Awarded 760,000 Euro Grant to Develop Edible Microcarriers for Industrial Cultured Meat Production – May 30, 2023

Gelatex Technologies, a materials technology company enabling industrial tissue engineering and cell culture, has received a grant of 760,000 euros from the Estonian Business and […]

Scaling cultivated pork at pace: Meatable claims alt-pork can be developed in eight days – May 27, 2023

Dutch food tech pioneer Meatable has reached an industry milestone in its history: its technology can now create cultivated pork products in just eight days. […]

Because Animals Rebrands to BioCraft As It Doubles Down on Cultivated Pet Food – May 26, 2023

With its rebrand, the company aims to dedicate its resources entirely to the advancement of cultivated meat, including research and development, infrastructure, and collaborative relationships. […]

Joint venture between Cult Foods and Peqish Food Co. focuses on medically tailored food and cellular agriculture – May 20, 2023

Peqish’s team of doctors and chefs, provides prepared foods for academic institutions, hospitals, long-term care facilities; as well as equips retail and fresh food manufacturers […]

Enzymit and Aleph Farms partner to reduce costs of cell-based meat – May 19, 2023

Using proprietary algorithms and throughput testing capabilities, Enzymit was able to develop a variety of insulin substituents and experimentally assess their functionality. Further screening resulted […]

CULT Food Science Corp commences shipment of initial Noochies! samples to early adopters – May 18, 2023

CULT Food said it has commenced the shipment of initial sample products of Noochies! Pet foods and treats to early adopters across North America. The […]

Mosa Meat opens new facility in Maastricht, sees “a clear path towards price parity” for cultivated meat – May 13, 2023

A decade after cofounder Dr. Mark Post unveiled the world’s first beef burger made from animal cells grown outside of an animal, Dutch cultivated meat […]

Meatable holds its world-first tasting in Singapore with aim to launch in 2024 – May 12, 2023

Meatable has reached a major milestone in its history by holding its first-ever tasting in Singapore after receiving the Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) approval. The SFA […]

Cultivated meat startup Myodenovo emerges from stealth – May 5, 2023

As he is currently filing patents, Engel – Mayr cannot yet go into detail on his scaffolding technology, but told us he was utilizing advanced manufacturing and […]

Umami Meats and Steakholder Foods® Produce World’s First Cultivated Fish Fillet – May 4, 2023

Umami Meats, a Singapore-headquartered TechBio company developing the operating system for producing cultivated seafood, announced that it has achieved a major milestone in its collaboration […]

Cultivated meat co New Age Eats makes ‘painful decision’ to shut down – May 3, 2023

Cultivated meat startup New Age Eats has made the “painful decision” to shut down after failing to secure funding to complete work on its pilot […]

Cell Manufacturing Pioneer, Pluri Inc., Unveils PluriMatrix: a Breakthrough System for Unprecedented Industrial Scale Production of Cell-Based Products – May 1, 2023

PluriMatrix, built upon Pluri’s platform 3D cell expansion technology, significantly scales high-quality cell production, potentially having a catalytic impact across numerous industries that require mass-scale […]

Laws, ethics and lobbies

Food Innovation In Europe Includes Cultivated Meat, Says EU Commission Official – May 22, 2023

The European Commission is ready for innovation in food production including cell-based foods, said Bruno Gautrais, EC’s head of unit dealing with Novel Foods, during […]

Inside big beef’s climate messaging machine: confuse, defend and downplay – May 11, 2023

The US beef industry is creating an army of influencers and citizen activists to help amplify a message that will be key to its future […]


Iron bioavailability should be considered when modeling omnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan diets – May 31, 2023

To lower environmental impact of human food consumption, replacement of animal proteins with plant-based proteins is encouraged. However, the lower iron bioavailability of plant-based foods […]

Cultivated meat could emit 25 times more CO2e than conventional beef, finds research – May 15, 2023

“Cell culture media ingredients can be sourced in a variety of ways. The US Davis authors assume in their study that media ingredients would be […]

Other alternatives to meat

Deep dive: How to overcome the difficulties in creating plant-based cheese and dairy – May 29, 2023

In parts of the world, people have been drinking milk alternatives for centuries, whilst margarine has widely been made without the use of animal products […]

These 10 Women Are Re-Imagining The Future Of Food With The Help Of Synthetic Biology – May 6, 2023

These ten inspiring women – many of whom will be speaking at the SynBioBeta conference later this month – are transforming the most fundamental aspect […]

Consumer interest in animal-free dairy builds, but many still have questions about processing, safety – May 2, 2023

Reflecting on these findings, GFI concluded that “these surveys and others demonstrate an opportunity to build consumer awareness of these products and increase consumer education […]