June 2023 was a momentous month for the cultivated meat industry, as it continues to navigate its way to the mainstream. The industry is buzzing with developments ranging from regulatory approvals to multi-million dollar investments, all promising to transform the future of food.

Of course, the biggest news came from the USA with significant progress in regulation for the sector. Upside Foods and Eat Just achieved a major milestone, earning USDA label approval for their cultivated meat products. We will see cultivated meat products on the market this year ! This is the result of a unique collaboration between FDA, USDA and US cultivated meat companies. Other countries will probably follow the movement, and we can expect authorization processes to accelerate in the coming months. It is very good news, as the climate crisis and concerns over food security are increasingly influencing consumer behavior and policy decisions. A stark reminder of the environmental toll of traditional meat production came from a United Nations report indicating that meat’s impact on the climate is even worse than previously thought.

June saw a flurry of investment activity in the cultivated meat sector. CellX, a pioneer in China, secured $6.5M to launch the country’s first cultivated meat pilot facility​. In South Korea, CellMEAT raised $13M after developing cultivated shrimp and caviar​. Uncommon, a Cambridge-based startup, secured €28 million to bring cultivated pork to the mainstream​​. Meanwhile, renowned Chef Marcus Samuelsson invested in Aleph Farms and will advise on product development and go-to-market strategies​​.

The month also witnessed strides in infrastructure and technology. Brazil’s JBS began building what it claims will be the world’s largest lab-grown meat factory in Spain, aiming to produce over 1,000 metric tons (and up to 4,000 metric tons) of cultivated meat annually​. In the UK, Extracellular launched license-free cell banks to support early-stage cultivated meat research​​. And in Malaysia, Cell AgriTech plans to open a plant in Penang to produce lab-grown meat by 2025​.

As the sector grows, so do questions around its impact and feasibility. In a thought-provoking piece, Dr. Carla Molento from the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil questioned whether the rise of alternative meat should worry veterinarians, suggesting that alternative meats could dramatically reduce the need for food animals. Navigating regulatory landscapes and securing public acceptance remain significant hurdles. Policymaking tends to favor established industries with entrenched lobbyists, creating a challenging environment for emerging cell-based businesses​​. And, controversially, Deloitte suggested the UK consider a system of “collaborative regulation” to fast-track lab-grown meat approval, a shift from the existing approvals process​.


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Laws, ethics and lobbies

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