With global seafood demand projected to rise over the coming decades and sustainable seafood production unable to keep pace, the opportunities for plant-based and cultivated seafood development and commercialization are endless. Join the Good Food Institute and Changing Tastes for a webinar on alternative seafood.

GFI will discuss the need for new seafood production systems and how plant-based and cultivated products can fill in the looming supply gaps. We will then discuss the current market landscape of both plant-based and cultivated seafood.

Changing Tastes will then explore the findings for their new, unprecedented study into what consumers and key buyers think we will be eating in the next 2-3 years. Their research explores what’s driving Americans to look away from the ocean to satisfy their appetites. With plant-based and cultivated seafood in focus, Changing Tastes will also look at what species and types of products will be most in-demand, where consumers will be buying them, what will be considered the most delicious choices in the near future, and how COVID19 has changed the market.

Source: Webinar: Opportunities in Alternative Seafood

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