The demand for plant-based food is surging across the globe, and consumers from North America to Asia are increasingly interested in delicious plant-based products. In response to this growing demand, the Good Food Institute will be hosting a series of webinars highlighting different plant-based markets around the world.

Up first: the Good Food Institute is partnering with our partner organization, ProVeg International, to present market and consumer data on the European market! ProVeg International recently surveyed several thousand consumers across nine European countries in order to identify priorities for product improvement and development based on consumers’ experiences of purchasing and consuming plant-based products.

During this webinar we will review high level market data on the European market (with focuses on the U.K., Germany, and France), and will learn about the enormous potential for developing and launching new plant-based products in multiple food categories with clear growth opportunities.

Source: Overview of the European plant-based food market and consumer

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