Matrix Meats – an Ohio-based startup developing customizable nanofiber scaffolds for cell-cultured meat production – will showcase a prototype “solid meat product such as a thin piece of steak” in partnership with a cultured meat co by the end of this year as a demonstration of its technology, billed as a potential gamechanger in the nascent industry.

The beauty of Matrix Meats – which develops edible scaffolding around which cells can seed, creating meaty 3D structures – is that it enables firms to grow and proliferate cells (the first stage of any cell-cultured meat process) and then differentiate them into various cell types such as muscle and fat (the second stage of the process), much more rapidly… all in a single bioreactor.

Source: Cell-cultured meat gamechanger? Matrix Meats to showcase nanofiber scaffolding in ‘solid meat product’ this year

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